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Got something new in, and I think this is going to be great. I'm at it again. Adding another something new! It's a gel product with Strengtheners, terrific colors and stays on pretty much like an acrylic but without heavy chemicals. After a week or two you might see lifting but it's the color and topcoat layers and are easily peeled off so we can add on another color/topcoat. Saves the nail from constantly ripping/soaking product off or picking it with nippers. Easy on the fingers and I love the colors. I even picked up a couple of clients that love nail art. Almost as much as I do. Have had some fun with striping and decorating nails. Nothing gaudy, just 'elegant and classy' as one of my ladies said. Looking forward to the holidays. Love nail art. And my ladies really like that a lot. Plenty of colors to offer and also, regular polish that reacts to magnets. Awesome stuff.

You can do pretty much anything you usually do, except of course move gravel by hand, and it looks like I just painted them on two weeks later. So far, the gel polish has been a great addition to the Salon. Imagine - if you would - having your own natural nails and getting them polished and then - they stay polished for two weeks without having to do them three times before your next manicure. Awesome!! By the way, at this update, the three week gal had her polish still on, no scratches and only one break (she's into gardening - by hand)

Article of the Month taken from a Nail Trade Magazine (summarized):

You wouldn't visit a doctor who hadn't bothered to obtain her license, or dine in a restaurant that failed health inspections. Yet scores of consumers do the equivalent every day when they purchase nail and/or foot services at nonstandard (discount) salons across the country. Regarded as the unseemly side of the industry, non standard salons have been long equated with inexpensive, often Asian-run salons that have popped up in nearly every strip mall over the last two decades. This time span coincides with an overall rise in infections stemming from these services.

While State rules and regs have tightened, clients are more concerned more than ever about their health and safety inside ANY shop that offers these services. So why now, after all these years are we finally hearing about it? Who cares??? It's only Nails! I have heard it myself at Trade Shows. No one cares. These people are immigrants struggling to survive in a foreign land. Not a problem. But why don't they have to follow the rules and regulations? We'd have to if we went there. They admit to not ever using this product on themselves or anyone else outside of the US. But, yes, it's only nails. But it affects our health and welfare, so why let it go this long? Lots of American citizens (of all cultures) are out of business. What with taxes and license renewals and CEU's, it takes income. Of course, they don't have that problem since they can work for what 5 or 7 years free of all incumberances? Must be nice. Oh well, here I go again. The Rantings and Ravings page is elsewhere in this Site.

There are lots of nail salons that are run under the Rules and Regulations of their State, with licensed professionals who get yearly Continuing Education Hours (required), use the finest products (that are not dangerous to your health) and not only speak fluent English they don't have to wear masks. Problem is, the entire industry is getting a bad name due to these discount salons. The licensed Manicurist/Pedicurist Technicians (Nails, too) are an endangered species. Only about 5 - 10% left after 13 years. (According to our Trade Magazine, there are less than 900 in the State of Illinois (My number started with 8000, to give you a clue, and that was in the third month of new registrations. Pretty soon, there will be none. I know I've mentioned this before, but if you can't find a licensed, American citizen type salon, here's what to do. Stop in at any Beauty Supply Store, Cosmo Prof, SalonCentrics, Quality Beauty Supply (Des Plaines) and just go to the desk and ask for names of salons in that area. They know who we are.

For those of you who wear acrylic nails, MMA is a type of acrylic, usually used in discount salons. Methyl Methacrylate Acrylic (MMA) is dangerous, it's illegal to use this product in several states, fortunately Illinois is one of them....but we're still working on spreading the word about it. Reputable salons and spas use a much more refined product called Methyl Methacrylate Acrylic. The more refined the acrylic is far more expensive...hence, you probably won't find "good" acrylic nails for twenty bucks. I worked out the process from start to finish doing a set of acrylic enhancements and taking out cost of products only at the rate I personally charge, and I end up making about 6.75 an hour. Wow,sounds like below minimum pay. But until enough gals get tired of the hurt and problems with the substandard salons, that's just the way it is.

So,to summarize: Discount salons that use carpenter's tools to drill your natural nail and MMA to build your artificial nail offer you a "cheap" acrylic, are not doing you any favors, this product can damage your natural nail permanently!! MMA eats down (oops, sorry, I was instructed to use the word 'leaches') through your nail and grabs hold of your nail. If you do something that causes you to "snap" your nail....opening car doors is a notorious nail snapper ... you could pull your entire fingernail right off. MMA nails rarely come off by themselves ... that's because it's embedded in your nail, if the MMA comes off -- your nail is going to come off!! This substance was never meant to be used on fingernails!! For more information about MMA click here.