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The Soap Box
GENERAL INFORMATION (Translation - Rantings and Ravings)


I am still working on educating everyone about getting their nail, hand, foot work done at the discount, cookie cutter, mostly unlicensed salons. Everywhere I go, I hand out my cards so gals can check out what they are getting done to their hands when they go to those places. All I ask is that when you read it, you might pass this information on to gals that you know are frequenting these salons.

Just talked to a gal in Canada. Looks like they have the same infestation of discount, cookie cutter salons that do the same damage. Well, we know they are everywhere. It was great talking with her about this subject.

A small excerpt from the Illinois Rules and Regs for Manicurists, Nail Technicians, etc. It is important for all nail technicians to be aware of the use of MMA methyl methacrylate monomers) and its dangers to the skin and nails. "STATE LAW IN ILLINOIS NOW FORBIDS THE USE OF MMA IN NAIL SALONS" (OF COURSE, THAT MEANS THE LICENSED ONES)

Not all salons have licensed techs. And, aside from the illegal products used on the nails, sanitation is a joke. Now, not all non-standard salons, or sub-standard if you prefer, use these illegal products but about 95% do. Their new handles are Cookie Cutter Salons and Generic by the way. And, as long as gals will line up (like cattle to the slaughter) they will come out with implants on their fingers and hurt. It's up to you gals to decide what you prefer. Personally, I like being legal. It may cost a few dollars more, but I guarantee it will take longer than 30 minutes and you will leave happy, not hurting. See below for more information on the non-standard salons. And remember, no matter where you are, 'they' are there. Oh, by the way, just heard about their 'gel nails'. You will love this. The same process goes on, you know, the drilling down to nothing, same MMA product BUT when they are done they use a Gel Topcoat and cure it in the light. My bottom line to all I speak with is "You don't have to come to me, just go to a Licensed Professional."


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At Nina's Nails we offer you a clean workplace, using clean equipment, top quality products, with a lot of pampering thrown in with lovely music and our Licenses are on the wall. How can you beat that? Well, maybe with a great cup of coffee and a cookie or two.

We have flexible scheduling. Drop in, if you prefer, and if I'm not with someone, I will be happy to serve your needs. If I am busy, you are welcomed to sit and visit. We all love to make new friends.

Remember, the "others" may be cheaper, but then, they know the value of their work (and their product).


Just heard from several clients, those " sub-standard" salons are now calling their nails "gel". Not true. They still use the acid liquid and powder. (You'll love this: One of the 'sub-standard' salons showed me his container for his powder. He said, " - look". And I did. The jar was labeled 'Este Lauder'. Naturally, I was impressed.) Gel may be the top coat, but you'll still have their illegal product between your nail and the topcoat. And still have a hard time getting them off. Not to mention the damage done to your own nails in the process. Some things never really change. If you know of anyone that goes to `sub-standard' nail places for acrylics, tell them about the website here or give them the phone number. I would love to just talk to them. Tell them they can call and talk and I will not badger them into an appointment.

My plan here is to inform [educate] anyone that will listen, of the products used, the practices implemented and what they can do about it. I will be glad to help them find Licensed Professionals who can do their enhancements properly and within the parameters of the Nail Industry. They don't have to come here, just don't go 'there'. Thank you!

You might keep this in mind: When these 'sub-standard' salons have completely taken over all the nail business in this country, and you are looking for someone to do nails for you 'cause you're tired of hurting and bleeding and getting infections, and there is no one available anymore, it's because you didn't go to a licensed professional and we are no longer in business. If you support us 'Licensed English speaking Professionals, we will be here for you. That sounds harsh I know, but it is true. It only took them 10 years to gain a very large percentage of this country's nail business, and manicures and pedicures. Licensed professionals are already an endangered species.

You know why some of the real salons are higher? First of all, we use approved quality products that are not harmful to you. We also practice sanitation between clients and we usually take our time and do a good service with extra massage and proper trimming of the toe nails. We trim and shape, not file down into the toe. That's just a thought mind you. I guess the difference is we do not run an assembly line making quotas, we service each client and treat them the way they should be treated.

We found an update on website. You can find links to articles on MMA which most states have banned. I will take the liberty of reprinting some of it here. "...MMA were often referred to as "dental acrylics" or "porcelain nails." By the end of the 1970's, the FDA had received so many complaints related to the use of MMA that it was forced to take action against several manufacturers of these products. Complaints ranged from skin allergies to permanent loss of the nail plate.

The Nail Manufacturers Council wants you to be informed about the potential dangers related to the use of MMA. We agree that the use of liquid nail enhancement products containing MMA is unsafe and unwise. These discount salons are not only showing a disrespect for you and your clients, they are endangering the entire nail profession because clients who are injured by MMA may be lost to the industry forever."

Here are a few simple things to watch for:

Unusually strong or strange odor which doesn't smell like other acrylic liquids.

Enhancements which are extremely hard and very difficult to file even with coarse abrasives.

Enhancements that will not soak off in solvents, such as Product Removers.

Please remember this - nail enhancements are just that - they are only enhancements.They are not implants. You get your hair done and it lasts several days (unless you are a restless sleeper) and makeup lasts the day. Nails can go 2-3 weeks. These are all just enhancements they are not IMPLANTS!