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You're never too young to start good nail care. Youngest of our special clients making sure the polish goes on 'just right'.
Would you believe that little girl is now 19 years old??


We also have Gift Cards for that 'special someone' and that 'special occasion'
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At Nina's Nails & More,
we offer a variety of services to our clients.
Manicure, Pedicure and Nail Services, and now -

Light Therapy!

Tired of Blemishes, Age Spots, Fine Lines, Large Pores? Well now we have the remedy for you. Call or stop by and learn more. LED LIGHT THERAPY (NILT) Near Infrared Light Therapy. This NILT has some truly unique characteristics of the NILT Diode. The LED Therapy has the ability to actually reduce the pain of muscles and joints, to reduce the inflammation causing the pain and enhance tissue repair. NASA scientists discovered that cells stimulated with near infrared light grow 150% to 200% faster than non-stimulated cells. This means that the time needed for the relief of pain and for the healing process to begin can be dramatically reduced using NILT. It is affordable, no pain and in some cases, you see and/or feel the difference after just a couple of treatments.

And now NILT is an answer for Rosacea and Acne. While there is no cure for Rosacea, NILT treatments can work wonders. Works with treatments prescribed by your physican. Acne is treated with non-UV Light which kills acne bacteria in the skin and repairs cells damaged by the inflamation. This Blue Light Therapy is FDA approved, Safe and effective, Non-Invasive and Non Abrasive. Call for more information.

Entity Acrylics and - Shellac/OPI/Jessica Gel Polishes - Gelish Gel Polishes (perfect for natural nail. It stays on for 14 days!)
Natural Nail Care - Manicures - Pedicures - Reflexology

Nail Enhancements

Gels, Acrylics or Fiberglass - New Sets - $40

Rebalancing - All Applications - $29

Pink/White Acrylics or Gels, New Set - $40

Rebalancing Pink/White - $29

Buff and Polish - $10 Change Polish - $6

Manicures start at $25

Pedicures (includes about 10 minutes of Reflexology)- $35

Foot Care Services for Men - $35
(Same great service just no bubbles)

Paraffin/Feet - $15

Reflexology Therapies - $1 a minute for the length of time you prefer.
Did we mention Nail Art and Air Brushing??????
or Nail Designs with Acrylics????

Call for your special appointment time.

We try to fit our schedule to yours.